They were not me.

June 12, 2008

I heard them shout,
To kill the Muslims.
And I heard the cries for help.
As I was not a muslim,
I slipped into the comforts my home.

Again I heard them next street,
This time to kill the Hindus.
I was glad that I was not a Hindu,
And so I increased the volume,
Of Britney Spears songs.

I then heard them in my street,
With shouts to kill Jews.
I turned on my shower,
And the cries for help
Dissolved in the sound of water.

They now came to my neighbor,
Now asking to kill Christians.
I was not a Christian,
And so I sat in my deewan,
To complete my Mario Puzo novel.

I heard them on my door,
Shouting to kill me now.
I cried aloud for help,
But no one came, this time,
For they were not me,
And every had their own comforts.


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