Truth and Light

July 23, 2008

I searched my life for truth and light,
Searched my whole life, day and night.
But when light shone before me,
I lost me sight, and now I’m blind.
And when truth knocked at my door,
My ears became dumb.
Now I live in darkness and silence.
Now I’m free and happy.

5 Responses to “Truth and Light”

  1. Sreelal Says:

    Everyday I do come and look if you have put anything new. What happened?? Why no posts these days???

  2. Rasheed Says:

    A search and how it was found.

  3. Najeeba Says:

    Thanks Rasheed, for your comment. And Sreelal, I was out of station for the last 15 days. Now I’m back, and will get into blogging very soon.

  4. Umm Ibrahim Says:

    Nice masha’Allah. 🙂

  5. Liyaqath Says:

    Nice peom.This peoam has a sufi touch.Like rumi, Rabia basari,kamala surayya. Read the peoms of JAMALUDHEEN RUMI (through Net). You will get insight and light………

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