Changing my dwelling….

August 31, 2008

So here I’m in my new home. I feel thrilled and excited, at the same time a little lost at my new dwelling. I don’t know where the sugar is kept, where the flour is kept, and where are my shawls? I have to run around the home in search of something… But I’m sure I’ll soon get rid of this and become happy here.


5 Responses to “Changing my dwelling….”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    oooh why are you leaving here?:

  2. strangerinthisdunya Says:

    Salaam… Have visited your new ‘home’… looking very nice. 🙂

  3. Najeeba Says:

    @ anonymous: I’m not leaving here. I think wordpress has some more features than blogspot. Moreover, I plan to publish my posts in both.
    @strangerinthisdunya: Wassalam,Thank you so much for your comment.

  4. maji6 Says:

    beautiful house can you show me your old one?

  5. Najeeba Says:

    Salam Maji6,
    You can click here to get to my old home. But I’ve imported all the posts and comments of my old home to this new one.

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