The Sleeping Men

September 11, 2008


The rock will tremble,

And bow in humble,

If Quran has been sent on it.

But a man’s heart

Never even shivers

When The Verses, he hears.

The plants and trees,

The sea and breeze,

Bow in supplication,

On the night of revelation

Of the Holy Qura’an.

But the men do sleep,

A sleep that’s long and deep,

When angels wait for him to wake,

To list down his extra good deeds

In multiples of tens of thousands.

Sleep, oh ye men, Sleep,

For thy abode will be in the hell deep.

The Devil shall rock thy cradle,

Sleep, oh ye men, Sleep.

Published here.


16 Responses to “The Sleeping Men”

  1. maji6 Says:

    So true.. we are hearltless and fearless… uncaring and unrepenting..

    Nice Reminder jazakallah

  2. Umm Ibrahim Says:

    Excellent reminder – may Allah reward you, ameen.

  3. Najeeba Says:

    @maji6: Thanks for stepping by and putting the comment. JZK!
    @Umm Ibrahim: Thank you a lot for your comment and prayers.
    @maji6 and Umm Ibrahim:
    May Allah bring us together in his paradise.

  4. Redwan Ahmed Says:

    Assalamu Alaikum, Najeeba

    Ma’shallah, a great post. What’s your full name?. I need to put your full name in the categories.

  5. Redwan Ahmed Says:

    Assalamu Alaikum, Najeeba

    In the bloggers page can you write about your qualifications please.

  6. Redwan Ahmed Says:

    In the bloggers page write about your qualifications please

  7. Najeeba Says:

    @Redwan Ahmed: Thank you for your comment.I have changed my name in the categories section, and included my qualification in the Users –>Biographical info section. Kindly inform me if there is anything else to do.

  8. Redwan Ahmed Says:

    where can you find the biographical info section

  9. Redwan Ahmed Says:

    i didn’t mean to tell you to put the qualifications in the users section. Go to page and edit the bloggers and write your qualifications there.

  10. Redwan Ahmed Says:

    can you make my website the best website please

  11. Redwan Ahmed Says:

    make my website to please by going to settings then domains and you see add a domain type and press add domain to blog please

  12. Redwan Ahmed Says:

    what university did you go to

  13. Redwan Ahmed Says:

    i am 14 years old and i am starting my gcse’s in england and my future career is to be a ict technician.

  14. Najeeba Says:

    @redwan: I did my graduation from my home country. From an University in Kerala, India. Good luck for your future career.

  15. Redwan Ahmed Says:

    i don’t know if i will get a future career

  16. Redwan Ahmed Says:

    tell your friends to be a blogger in please. just tell them everything i said to you

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