The 50th Post

September 15, 2008

The 50th one,

Now celebrating my half century.

I hope I’ll make it a century,

And go even beyond that,

To the horizon before me.

I don’t know who will follow me

To the land where the sky touches the sea.

But I’m sure, 

I will have my shadow to accompany me

Althoug it may change with the sun rays.

I fear if I’ll fall down to unknown,

After the end of the sea.

But the sight of unknown lands

Defeats my fear, and fill my hear with thrill.

I belong to the Nomad world,

And I’ve known it for long.

So here is my 50th destination.

Let me celebrate my half-century.


5 Responses to “The 50th Post”

  1. Umm Ibrahim Says:

    Assalaamu alaikum,

    50th POST! Congrats sis and look forward to the next 50 and many more after that!

    Initially thought the poem was about a 50th birthday and was confused as I know you are far from 50!:oops: I was on the internet too late, needed sleep!

  2. maji6 Says:

    Mashallah!! Well Done. You deserve an extra Date at iftar.

    Keep up the good work sis and I guess ive got 50 posts to read thru here already>

    ma salams

  3. Redwan Ahmed Says:

    Write comments on my website please plus you need to put the posts in my website.

  4. uneekmuslimah Says:

    Assalamualikum Sister,

    Just came across your blog ….. Masha Allah your poems well written …… I love to write poems too, well that’s another story 🙂 ….. Anyways I read your post about all your ramadans ….. very nice post I got to learn things too ….. Most Important of all not to waste my time and make more time for Ibaadah b4 I get hitched and wiht hubby and house and children on their way hehe …. 😉

    Pls do visit my site too Insha Allah ….. I wanted to add your site to my blogroll ….. Could you pls add mine to yours too ….. Jazak Allah Khairan ….

    Wishing you a Happy, Blessed and Frutifull Ramadan …..

  5. Niyaz Says:


    came here through one of the sister’ blog , congrats first of all , happy to see Muslim sisters blogging.

    well written by you!!

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