The Sacred Hijab

August 21, 2009

white hijab

It was a little white hijab

Which my mom gave me.

A pure white clean hijab,

That grew with me forever.

But once I stained it with Coco,

With the sweet chocolate I ate

On one of the days of my childhood.

The stain looked like lost innocence.

During the hot summer school days,

My hijab used to be spoilt with dust,

So that everyone who saw me

Took me for a naughty little girl.

And then a big ‘royal’ blue spot on it,

With the Hero pen in my hand,

When I scratched my head from the class.

A mark that showed my untidy days.

The teenage life stained the bigger hijab

With spots of human flesh and blood.

Like raindrops, they adorned my hijab now,

For the big bad word of my friends,

That often dropped from my lips.

Once, during the youthful college days,

To my surprise I saw a dark spot on it,

Which smelt so bad and looked very dirty.

A piece of my secret heart, I saw in it,

A stain for not lowering my gaze from others,

And for not controlling my feelings.

Now the passions gone, youth ended,

I wanted to turn the leaf of my life,

And get back my pure white hijab.

Today I washed and washed my hijab,stained heart

With soap and water and Clorox.

But all the stains still stand fresh.

When will I ever learn, its not my hijab

But my stained heart inside me

That is to be washed again and again?


6 Responses to “The Sacred Hijab”

  1. Umm Ibrahim Says:

    Assalaamu alaikum,

    Very touching and honest poem – thanks for sharing sister.

  2. Hi
    How are you doing?
    we are muslim girls from Iran.Glad to meet you!
    It’s a pleasure for us to become your friends although our English is not as well as you…
    Hope to hear from you soon
    God bless you

    • Najeeba Says:

      Thankyou Zahra and Reihane. Glad to get two Iranian friends. I love Iran soooo much, I don’t know why. I opened your site, but that was in Arabic, and sorry to tell you, i don’t know Arabic.
      Keep in touch.

  3. Zahra Says:

    It’s really interesting to have a muslim friend in another country.we can learn alot…
    I’d like to know more about you…how did you know Islam???how did you become a muslim???
    I would be glad to be in contact with you through email… mine is:
    take care,God bless you

  4. Aisha Says:

    Great poem, mashallaah! Truth!

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