Every Child Is Special

September 27, 2009

I thought every children were the same. Just a bag of cuteness and helplessness when they are born, then the tiresome work of learning to lie on belly, to crawl, to sit, to stand, to walk and then run. Next comes the tongue practices – the long and difficult words and sentences. They taught us like that in the home-science classes.  Everything is same for everyone. Is it? No. Everything is different for everyone.I learned it from the kids itself.

It happened when my SIL was feeding her daughter, N. N was not eating ans so my SIL took a doll of N’s and started acting as if she was feeding the doll. N came running towards her to take the food, crying “Mamma you should feed me, don’t give the food to the doll.” Possessiveness is the word we use for this in our home-science class. And as per the ‘science’, every child will have different amount of possessiveness from age one to four/five.m&n

After a few days, at my home, I was feeding my brother’s son, M. He was also not eating as he was very busy with his own works of driving, cycling, cooking, washing, breaking home appliances etc etc. There was a picture of Mickey mouse on his cycle, and I had an idea. I took the food in a spoon and started acting the same way my SIL did, giving the food to the Mickey. I called out to M, saying that I am feeding the good Mickey, and that I don’t want to feed bad boys. M came to me and watched me feed the Mickey, for a few moments. According to him, the Mickey was not eating at all. He took the spoon from me, and he started feeding the Mickey!

He never ate the food, and I had to clean the whole room and his cycle when he finished ‘feeding’ the Mickey. Who said that every children are alike?


2 Responses to “Every Child Is Special”

  1. Salma Says:

    Cute…reminds me of my two girls. They each would have done different things as well…

  2. Hajar Alwi Says:

    And the second child learns the virtue of sharing … 🙂 So cute~! Yes, every child is special as like how each of us is special in our own way. ^^

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