December 12, 2009

I am alone at my home now. My hubby has gone to office, his brother and my co-sis, together with their kid, has gone to pick him up. How wonderful it is to be alone for some moments. To think of many things… to dream. With only the sounds of sparrows to disturb you. Its started raining in Dubai. Slight rains here, where we leave. The tiles around our home is always wet, but not drowned in water. Sun plays hide and seek with rain and clouds. Its a bit cold now. How beautiful God has created this world. And here I sit, at the door of my home, and browse through the net. Reading mails, posts, sending them. No movements around me. A still, calm, quiet time. I think of my son in heaven, and I’m happy for him to be in such a great place. I think of my family back at home. I think of my college days, they were really great. Wish I could go back once again and do things I have done at that time. To shout at the top of my voice. To sit under the trees by the roads. To go to shops for a carefree walk. To watch movies with friends. To play the songs at the highest volumes. To dress up for fashion parade. To take a lot of snaps. To decide if the man and woman walking by are lovers, friends, couples or relatives. Etc, etc, and a thousand etcs. I want to be carefree. While exams were blessings of God, for the days after exams were the greatest blessings.

Back to school days. A lot of girls. Strict rules to be broken. New year parties were great then, as they were strictly forbidden in the Islamic school. We had nothing less for our mid-night party, there were gifts, cakes, soft drinks, chocolates, flowers, balloons and everything. Poking teachers too. But celebrations never lacked the spirits. One moment of celebrations, and the next moment it will be calm and quiet with every thing gone from the table when the teacher arrives. No lights. Pin drop silence. Not even a snore. Everyone under their warm blankets. The party get into action as soon as the teacher closes her door behind her.

So, there are so many reasons to smile at the loneliness. Smile at the trees. Smile at the sky. Smile at the birds. The little birdy on the roof of the next house is looking at me. Confused. Why is she laughing alone? There are a hundred reasons, birdy. A hundred thousand reasons. God has blessed me with a lot of beautiful things in my life. Funny siblings are one of them. I never cease to laugh when I’m with them.

Loneliness is one of the great things God has given me. Thankyou a lot for your Blessings, my God.


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