Hopes Of Freedom.

March 30, 2010

Even with the lullaby from the ac,

Or the warm and soothing blanket

And the soft cotton bed,

I feel my sleep still far away.

Even with the different menus,

Tastly cooked up for me

Decorated, and served in china ware,

I still feel my hunger flown away.

Even the beautiful frock I wear,

Stitched with the finest of silks

Soft like the feather of a peacock,

Is pricking my body all the time.

When can I be my own master

And turn around as I wish,

When can I break the big black chains

And fly with my thoughts, far and wide.

Then may be I can sleep well

Even under the railway bridge,

And the left-over in the bin

Will be the tastiest of all the food,

And the re-stitched torn frock

Will feel like a feather on me.

I wish those days come fast,

And take me of my feet.


The Story of the Tears.

March 18, 2010

I heard this Malayalam song in the TV, and I thought I want to share it. P. Bhaskaran wrote the lyrics and M.S. Baburaj tuned the songs. S. Janaki sang this beautiful song. I don’t have any copy right license from them, but I do really want to share it.

Iru kanner thullikal oru sundariyude

Two tears, from a beauty

Karimizhiyil vachu kandu mutti

On her beautiful black eyes

Kandu mutti avar kandu mutti

They saw each other, and they met.

Pinne kandu vanna swapnathinKadha cholli

And they shared their dream stories

Thamara poykayile arayannangale pole

Like the swans of the lotus pond.

Premathal parasparam kai neetti

They tried to touch each other, with their love.

Adukkuvanavarkkonnum kazhinjilla

But they were not able to get near.

Akalathanakalathaniru perum

Far far away were they, both of them.

Kavililekkozhukumobol orumikkamennorthu

They hoped to meet on her cheeks

Karalil pratheekshayumay yatra thudarnnu

And came rolling down with the  hope in their heart.

Karalil pratheekshayumay yathra thudarnnu

Came rolling down with the hope in their heart.

Aduthathilla avar aduthathilla

They never touched each other, they never came near

Oru neduveerppin kodunkattil pirinju poyi

They got parted in the storm of a sigh

Maranathin bheekara marubhoovilveenurundu

And tumbled into the huge desert of the bossom

Mazhathulli poleyavar alinju poyee

And like the raindrops, melted away…

( I never thought that tears could have a love story, with the sigh as a villain. What a thought!!)

Back Again

March 3, 2010

Wondering where I was all these days? I was here, we had a problem with our net connection. Now its ok. Alhamdulillah. Insha Allah, I’ll be writing often from now on.

But, at the moment, I’m not in a mood to write anything. I don’t know why I feel it this way. When I had no net connection at home, I wanted to write about so many things. I used to think how to sort it out all. But now, when the wordpress page is staring at me, I feel lost. May be because I have so much to say, and because I cannot put it out in order. So many things are coming to mind that I feel it blank!

May this window by which I sit is making me go blank. The dark clouds are giggling at Dubai. Taking their time for another downpour.

The date-palm tree has its leaves in the air like a pea-cock’s tail ready to dance with the rain. Oh! There is another pea-cock story here. I hear a pea-cock cry every day at dusk. Petting pea-cocks are banned in India, which has pea-cock as its national bird. So when I hear the cry, I feel that something is wrong. Pea-cocks are free to wander where ever they like in India, and so we get to see them often, in the farms, bushes and small outgrowths of plants and trees.

Its flowering time for the dates. We see a lot of flowered date-palm tree while travelling through UAE. Last year, our owner presented us with a big bunch(??) of those sweet  dates.  Hubby had one glass of date+milk juice everyday in the afternoon. Even though we never added sugar in it, it was very sweet.

Date palm and the sky. Let me take some more snaps of it with my eye. I don’t think my mobile cam is good at taking in the whole beauty of it. So, leaving this page for now.

Insha Allh, we can meet again, and I hope no such serenic beauty comes to my window again!

Snaps from Home

March 2, 2010

Walking with a camera is great. There are lots and lots of stills around you. I’m not a great photographer, and these snaps would have been more beautiful if someone good at photography has taken it. But  even with my little knowledge, I think they are beautiful. And 99% of the credit goes to the the Creator of the mother nature. 1%  to my in-laws, who spends their day caring for the trees and plants around them, feeding, weeding and watering.

Take a look at some of them here.