The Story of the Tears.

March 18, 2010

I heard this Malayalam song in the TV, and I thought I want to share it. P. Bhaskaran wrote the lyrics and M.S. Baburaj tuned the songs. S. Janaki sang this beautiful song. I don’t have any copy right license from them, but I do really want to share it.

Iru kanner thullikal oru sundariyude

Two tears, from a beauty

Karimizhiyil vachu kandu mutti

On her beautiful black eyes

Kandu mutti avar kandu mutti

They saw each other, and they met.

Pinne kandu vanna swapnathinKadha cholli

And they shared their dream stories

Thamara poykayile arayannangale pole

Like the swans of the lotus pond.

Premathal parasparam kai neetti

They tried to touch each other, with their love.

Adukkuvanavarkkonnum kazhinjilla

But they were not able to get near.

Akalathanakalathaniru perum

Far far away were they, both of them.

Kavililekkozhukumobol orumikkamennorthu

They hoped to meet on her cheeks

Karalil pratheekshayumay yatra thudarnnu

And came rolling down with the  hope in their heart.

Karalil pratheekshayumay yathra thudarnnu

Came rolling down with the hope in their heart.

Aduthathilla avar aduthathilla

They never touched each other, they never came near

Oru neduveerppin kodunkattil pirinju poyi

They got parted in the storm of a sigh

Maranathin bheekara marubhoovilveenurundu

And tumbled into the huge desert of the bossom

Mazhathulli poleyavar alinju poyee

And like the raindrops, melted away…

( I never thought that tears could have a love story, with the sigh as a villain. What a thought!!)


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