BuSy DaYs!

February 3, 2011

Ooopsss…. Days have bcom shorter and nights, much shorter. By the time she sleeps, morning start peeping thru my window. I get to kitchen, starts cooking and the moment I sit to eat, she starts yelling. Thanx to my parents and in-laws who help me with the kid. By the way, she loves her daily oil massage and bath. My mom prepared her special virgin coconut oil, with some medicinal roots, leaves and flowers. She enjoys the smooth massages, and I too love to give her a bath.


5 Responses to “BuSy DaYs!”

  1. Salma Says:

    Salam sis…sounds like my days and nights. MashaAllah beautiful as ever and I am sure she has a beautiful spirit.

  2. Salma Says:

    Sis, salam alaikum, I have an award for you.

  3. Najeeba Says:

    Wa alaikumussalam,
    I didn’t completely understand you. What award is that?

  4. Umm Ibrahim Says:

    Assalamu alaikum

    Precious moments, alhamdu lillah wa masha Allah. 🙂

  5. Nish Says:

    Motherhood is a blessing which words could never describe the joy, excitement and feel of it. One has to feel it to know it. The best time of one’s life.. which make you sacrifice lot of your interests, alters your plans, changes your priorities, turn your night into day, but the amazing part is that, you would love doing all those.. and you will find pleasure in that. Allah is great! Motherhood is precious..enjoy it..:) May Allah bless all of us!

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