April 19, 2011

I went for a marriage function last Saturday and there I met one of my friends – a meeting after 10 years! We have stayed together in a room for one year during our entrance coaching period during 2000-2001. after ten years, on April 15th 2011 we met again. With no words to describe our emotions, we hugged each other. My friend S explained to little Aisha that we were friends. Hope Aisha understood. S has a little daughter Diya, some 4 or 5 years old. We became school girls once more, talking about other friends and contacts. S hasn’t changed much, except that she has put on some weight. It was S’s sister’s marriage. The bride was beautiful, with a rich mughal attire.

I have been in India for almost a year and this long vacation gave me so much time to meet many of my friends. Friends are a big asset for me. Even though there have been some misunderstandings between some of my friends and me, I cherish all the moments I have spent with them. They make me smile, in my gloom and in my daydream. I request and hope they will forgive me if I have done them any wrong. I Love You.

My friends J and Sh came to see me in the hospital, when I was admitted there. I was really pleased to see them, after so many boring hospital days. anyone is welcome in the hospital when you have nothing to do, friends are the most welcome. I haven’t seen S since my marriage in 2006 September, and haven’t seen J since her marriage in 2006 December. Both of them hasn’t changed a bit.

I met my friends S, T and F at a get together we arranged. I haven’t seen them since my marriage. S has got 2 kids and F has got one. We had a jolly time, but with the kids to look after even a day seemed a few moments. House-chores, cooking, baby-care, fashion etc etc were all under the roof. We also shared the latest news about other contacts we had. J, Sh, S, T and F were my room mates for 4 years.

The sad part of all these meeting was – none of my friends have changed, but I have put on a lot of weight! 😦


2 Responses to “Friends”

  1. Nishana Says:

    Don’t worry Najee.. Here I am on same boat.. None of them have changed except you and me.. I have put on wt too..Now trying hard to reduce it..:(

    Remember we used to be the thinnest in our batch.. now I get surprised to see myself in old pics..:)

    Friends are our asset… many times they are as important as our family, kids etc..:)

    Situations may keep their presence away.. but minds will always want to cherish the memories of being together and would be always longing for an unexpected ‘get together’..:)

  2. Nishana Says:

    My friend, it’s my pleasure to share you ‘Stylish Blogger Award’. I know you deserve it. Please visit to know more!

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