Going Insane

June 12, 2011

I’m going to dubai on 15th of this month which makes me mad. Some moments of my life:


I get to the kitchen to boil some milk. Pours the milk into a pan and keeps it on the stove. I know I’ve a breakdown, so I decide to stand near the stove until the milk is boiled. I wait… wait and wait. A few more seconds for the milk to boil. I just wonder what will I do with Aisha on the flight. And then, shhhh……

The milk is all over the oven!


MIL asks me to take the vegetables from the refrigerator. I say, “OK, Mom”. I get near the refrigerator and then sees Aisha’s towel, which should be in the suitcase. I go to put it in the suitcase, when I remember that I have to call to the airlines office to get the minutes of the journey. I take my phone to call them, and when scrolling down the contact list, I see the number of my aunty whom I have not called to sa about my departure, and I call her.

Half an hour later, in the kitchen, I see my MIL cutting the vegetables!


I start packing Aisha’s clothes. I get the blue blouse and searches for its pants. After searching the shelves, baskets and bags I cannot find it. So I put apart the blue blouse and takes the green frock. I fishes down the bag to get its matching socks when I get the blue pants. I look around for the blue blouse which has disappeared! With half an hour wasted on blue blouse and green socks, I finally reach for the pink coat and starts searching its pair.

Packing started last month and still continues, as a mega serial!


To sister Salma who have asked me to contribute to her blog and awarded me with a stylish blogger award, and to my friend Nish who have awarded me with a stylish blogger award:

Thanks for your awards and offer, which is a honor to me. But as you know I’m moving to Dubai with little Aisha, I’m at the verge of a nervous breakdown. I’ll surely get back to you once I get settled.

To all others, especially my family (MIL for sure), thanks for bearing with me.