Letter to Mom and Dad.

July 4, 2011

Dear Mom and Dad,

Don’t buy me everything I ask for. If you do so, I’ll never learn to face miseries and disappointments in my life. Sometimes I’ll be obstinate, I’ll shout, roll  on the floor in a public place. But never submit yourself to my persuasion. You know if you should buy it for me. Think twice before selecting things for me.

Sometimes you do opposite to what you say, making me confused. Please keep to your words and don’t always change your opinions about certain matters. If so, you will never teach me to take bold decisions.

Don’t always scold me. I will listen to you and obey you when you ask me to do anything. Scold me only when necessary.

Keep your promises whenever you make one to me.

Always correct my mistakes or I’ll repeat them. I’ll also believe that nothing will happen if I do something wrong.

Don’t compare me with other kids. It will make me sad and less confident. You know that every child is special with different abilities. Why do you want me to do as other kids do? Why do you want to prove I’m an idiot?

At the age of eighteen, if I still keep asking you, “Mom, which dress should I wear for the party?”, then its your fault. Don’t do everything for me. 

Don’t point out my mistakes in-front of my friends. Why do you want to hurt my feelings? Explain to me about my mistakes when I’m alone with you. Why do you create a chance for my friends to laugh at me?

Every son of Adam is a sinner, including you. Then why do you shout at me for my mistakes? Why don’t you lower your voice and choose a peaceful method to explain to me about my mistakes? I like it that way, and I’ll listen and understand you more. Moreover when you shout, I understand that shouting is a good habit. I too will start to shout.

Don’t lie in my presence. Don’t ask me to say “Dad not at home” in a phone when you are at home. You will make me lose respect and faith in you. When you take a false sick leave from your office to watch the cricket or football final, you teach me how to stay away from school for a day or two.

Confess when you do mistakes. Saying sorry to us isn’t wrong. It will teach us to confess our mistakes.

Don’t prevent us from our small mischiefs. What is the difference between adult and child if it is not for our mischiefs? Let us enjoy our childhood.

Treat me as friend when I reach my teens. This will help me bond closer to you. I’ll open up my mind to you if you are open with me. Don’t always treat me as a baby. I love your friendship.

Never ever fight in my presence. I need a tranquil and happy life. I have my own tensions, and I don’t want to take yours into it. If you need an argument, do it when I’m not at home or when I’m sleeping.

Don’t compel me to be the first one in everything I do. Make me understand that participation is better than achievement. Teach me to use the maximum of my ability. Everyone cannot be a winner. Show me that ways to enjoy life. Make me apt to face failures so that I can make my failures the stepping stones to success. Or else, a failure will double my distress and will decrease my confidence into half.

Explain to me about your income or expenditure. If you don’t teach me to maintain a budget, I’ll never have any savings left. As I said, don’t buy everything I ask for.

With love,

Your Kid.

(NB: Slightly adapted. Indebted to an article from the Malayalam news paper Mathrubhumi.)

4 Responses to “Letter to Mom and Dad.”

  1. Hajar Alwi Says:

    Salam sis.

    That is one wise child. 🙂

  2. sabithanees Says:

    very nice and valuable

  3. Anonymous Says:


    First of all ” I am really SORRY”. Before you pose a question as to why do you feel sorry for… let me tell you….

    Without waiting for your permission, I have posted the “Letter to Mom & Dad” in my fb. I really wanted all my friends to go through it. I felt it as a must read by each and every parent… Sorry again!

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