July 17, 2011

Yesterday, one of my hubby’s friend called him. That was after 23 long years. They (hubby, hubby’s twin brother and this friend) studied together in ninth standard, and then both of them changed their schools. After that it was yesterday when they contacted again. They got the contact details from FB, thanks to FB.

I heard them asking question like, “Did you become fat?’ and “How many kids? Are they naughty like you?” etc etc. That really brought me into tears and smiles.  I wonder if I’ll get such a call from any of my friends, whom I haven’t heard of for a couple of decades. I too got many long-lost friends through orkut and FB, but it wasn’t after a long time gap. May be after 10 or 15 years. I got in touch with many of my school friends.

Hubby says, his friend , who is in KSA now, will come to meet him and his twin bro. Isn’t that great? Re-union after 23 years.


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