ABC’s I’m grateful for.

September 5, 2011

I got this idea from Amalia‘s blog. Its been a month since I started drafting this post. Some alphabets proved very tough, like U, V, Y and Z. Some where very easy, I never needed a second thought, like A, B, C, D, H and M. Some of them may not be my first choices and I might have left some of the great things I’m really grateful for. 

A for Aisha. My little love, who brought a light to my life. I don’t have to think again.



B for my Brothers. They are my biggest assets.

C for Chicken. Crazy about it. Hubby says he can see my mouth watering when I see a live hen/cock in the premises.

D for Dad, without whom I won’t have reached where I’m now.

E for Engineers. They made the world such a wonderful place to live in.

F for Family and friends. Do I need a reason for this?

G for Google. There is nothing I don’t know if I have got a Google search with me.

H for Hubby. Love for Life.

I for In-laws, they are the greatest you can ever have. Espicially my sisters-in-law.

J for Jokes. I love them and can’t live a day without a good laugh.

K for Kittens – here a meow, there a meow, everywhere a meow meow!! What fun it would be!

L for Liberty, I don’t know how to live without freedom, my birthright.

M for Mom and Memories. Blessed I am to have such a wonderful person in my life. Memories makes me smile and weep in my solitude.

N for my Niece and Nephew. Love you a lot kids!

O for Optimism. I’m optimistic that ultimately truth will prevail. I don’t have to worry about it.

P for Prayers. Prayers guide me and give me strength. They make me optimistic.

Q for Qur’an. I love pondering over its words.

R for Rainbow – Muhammed. I have something to look forward to.

S for Social networks. I got in touch with so many of my lost friends and far away relatives.

T for Technology and Teachers. Both have put their share in building up my life.

U for UAE, my second home.

V for Violet. I love that color.

W for Water – to have a cool or hot shower after a busy day! I think I need one now, just at the thought of the shower.

X for X-chromosome. Women – heart full of love and kindness, patience is her synonym, and sacrifice is her destiny.  May be I’m a feminist ‘coz I believe that the world would have been better if it was controlled by women!

Y for Youthfulness at my heart. I never grow old.

Z for Zinnia – its more than a flower to me, and the reason is a secret. Ssshhhh….



In the end, Alhamdulillah, O! Thank You Allah, for everything.


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