The Accident

July 3, 2008

We were having coffee from our balcony in Dubai, when Jasmin asked me a question.
“Najeeba, have you ever had any experience, or anything in your life, that you were never able to explain?”
“Not able to explain?” I did not understand what she was asking.
“Yeah, never able to explain. Some mysteries or something like that.” She explained that.
I love mysteries. But so far, my life has been just like a plain sand you see on the beach. I would like to be an ocean of mysteries. But not even the drop of water on me.
“No.” I said. “Did Jasmin have any such experience?” I asked.
“Can you tell that story to me?” I begged her.
“Sure.” She assured me.
I sat a little closer to her, with the coffee and snacks on my lap, to hear her story.
“We were traveling from Abudhabi to Dubai. Myself, hubby, Arif and our 1 year old son Amal. Arif was driving. I was 4 months pregnant with my now 2 year old daughter Ameena. I was sitting in the back seat of the car, with my son sleeping on the seat. I asked Arif to change the A/C ventilator to my side, and he turned to change it. Suddenly, he lost control of our car, and the car went to the left side. He turned the wheel to the right side, and the car went turning to the right side, into the ditch below. It must have rolled for several times, I got unconscious before it stopped. When I regained my consciousness, they were pulling me through the window of the car, which was upside down. After I got out, I searched for my son, but he was no where to be seen. I started shouting when Arif came near me. He hugged me tight, but I did not stop crying. I wanted to see my baby. A Pakistani truck driver stopped near us, to help us. He pulled the car door open, to look for my baby. But the baby was not seen inside the car!

I started looking the surrounding places, when at a distance I saw a piece of dress flying with the wind. I jumped and ran there. MashaAllah, he was sleeping peacefully there, with no injuries. Only the thorn of the desert plant has pierced in his dress. I hugged and kissed him and held him tight. I thanked Allah, for keeping my child safe. I don’t know how he reached there, several meters away from the car, without any injuries.” She paused, “That was the first mystery on that accident day.”
“Wonderful. I said. “May be he was thrown out of the car into the sand.” I tried for an explanation.
“Yeah, but it was hot sand at noon, but he didn’t feel it. And how can he still go on sleeping when he was thrown some 10 meters away?” Jasmine asked me.
I found no solution for the problem.
“Well, what was the second mystery?” I asked, as she said that was the first.
“I will tell you. After I got Amal, I looked at my injuries. Arif had only a small cut on his nose, but I had a long cut on my arm. The broken window glass has cut my left arm when they pulled me through the window. The pakistani driver took us to the near by clinic. The doc there stitched my cut, and plastered Arif’s bleeding nose. We left the clinic by dusk on that day.” She stopped.
“So, what is mysterious about it?” I asked.
“Nothing mysterious about that,” she answered. ” The mystery is coming,” continued Jasmine, “Last week, when I was bathing, I found something sharp on my left arm while I was applying soap. I tried to pull it out, but nothing happened, except a severe pain there. That evening when I looked in the mirror I found a piece of glass protruding on my arm. I pulled it again, but it didn’t come out and I felt pain. Next day morning, while changing the dress, a glass piece, about 1 inch long, fell from my left arm. No blood or anything came from the hole that now appeared where the glass piece fell.” She stopped.
I was so amazed to speak.
She went on.
“The same thing happened to me day before yesterday. The glass piece, now half an inch long, fell off today morning!”