After School Days

April 7, 2008

With the thunder of all rains*,
New umbrella, new bags,
New books and new lessons,
Everything new, bright and shining.
And to schools in the morning,
With the new raindrops of the year.

But this june,
Brings no brightness to my heart,
As it is the last year
Of my student life.
No more new umbrellas,
No new bags, no new books.
The new smell of the first page
Have vanished forever.
From now own, we are man and women,
Not the little boys and girls!
We step into a world
Were jealous and pride hales,
Where crime and war lives,
Were wealth is worshiped,
From the world of innocence.
I want to play in the rain
The rain that June brings,
But something is holding me back.
Who can give my childhood back?
Who can give me the rains back?

*In India, the academic year starts in June, with the start of the monsoon. 🙂