June 19, 2008

Thanks a lot sis, for your comment, American Muslima Writer

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Silent Princess with Thoughts Clearly Loud.

I hope:

1. World become a better place to live in

2. People have less problems when it comes to food, shelter, religion and education.

3. Women be more respected.

4. I become a better muslim girl.

5. My family, friends and relatives have a happy life.

6. I have a good family with lots of kids.

7. I educate and upbring the kids and make them good Muslims who strive for the betterment of the world.

8. I get a good job where I can put my capabilities for the well being of the society.

9. I get a low rent apartment in Dubai, Deira, AED 25,000 PA for a 2 bedroom hall (impossible??!!). 😉

10.Last but not the least, I die as a good Muslim with Shahada as the last words on my tongue.

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