They were not me.

June 12, 2008

I heard them shout,
To kill the Muslims.
And I heard the cries for help.
As I was not a muslim,
I slipped into the comforts my home.

Again I heard them next street,
This time to kill the Hindus.
I was glad that I was not a Hindu,
And so I increased the volume,
Of Britney Spears songs.

I then heard them in my street,
With shouts to kill Jews.
I turned on my shower,
And the cries for help
Dissolved in the sound of water.

They now came to my neighbor,
Now asking to kill Christians.
I was not a Christian,
And so I sat in my deewan,
To complete my Mario Puzo novel.

I heard them on my door,
Shouting to kill me now.
I cried aloud for help,
But no one came, this time,
For they were not me,
And every had their own comforts.


Forgive Us

April 29, 2008

Dear Sister, please forgive,
Forgive me and my society,
For the little little aids
I and my society have made
Towards eliminating you,
From the face of this earth.
I do feel pity for you,
When they shower bombs on you,
Your family and your children.
But I cannot come out of this comforts
That Allah provided for me.
I cannot start a day without Nescafe,
I can’t think of a lunch
Without McDonalds and KFC’s,
And how can I have an evening
Without the sip of a Pepsi?
I do want to stop all these,
But I know I can never do it.
So, endearest sisters,
Forgive me and my society,
Who lives the way I live.
And all the best for you
In your fight for your land,
Your culture and your future.
This is all what I can do.