The Movements Inside

January 28, 2009

VavaThis is a very beautiful part of your life. Your pregnancy period, after the first trimester. There is no ear piercing cries of the new-born, no running behind the naughty little kid, no burning the mid-night oil for the 10th grade teenager… You just feel the ripples of life inside you…And you sit talking to that life, dreaming about it and planning its life ahead… 

I sit and talk to that life inside me, for hours. I don’t know if  (s)he can understand it, but I do it. Let me call it Vava(= baby in malayalam). I tell Vava about the God, trees, flowers, sky, sea, people, kids, birds, animals… about everything under the sun. This world is a a big, complex, fantastic place to see. Well, I also tell Vava about the negative part of the world -the corrupt politicians, war, injustice, illiteracy,  poverty and all that. But even with these problems, I think we are blessed with the life we got to see this place.

I wonder if everybody does this. The tiny movements inside… I wonder what Vava is doing when it makes such movements… playing? kicking? or just dreaming like me? May be it is dreaming about the world I have explained… Waiting anxiously to see this place. Will it understand anything when I say things like flowers, sea, war etc? Well, I don’t know. Does anybody out there know about it? I like to believe it does, and those with an answer NO for the above question, please don’t respond!