How we lost our river

April 7, 2008

I saw cranes in water,
I saw boys with fishing rods,
I saw little girls in petticoats
playing family on the bank,
And I saw our river flowing
Smoothly into the laps of the sea.

Today morning,
We heard lorries and people,
Digging up the pure sand.
We protested, for it was our river,
And we lived on its water.
But they asuured us,
They are only digging the sand,
And the water is there for us.
Lazziness to think made us return,
To the comforts our homes provided.

Whem evening came,
We saw fences at riverbanks,
It was by then “Private Property”,
Sold to an MNC.
We were intruders there,
On our own river that gave us life!
And water was a private property!

We started our protests again,
But it didnot last long,
For our throats were dry,
And we had no water
To even wet our lips!

We then saw tomorrow,
As a dark shadow,
Darker than the moonless night.
And we saw our grandchildren,
And the ghosts of future,
Cursing us at our laziness.